My Story

In 2006 I developed a ritual with my son in the mornings, I woke him up, he climbed out of his bed and I hold him as he greets the new day.  His was a pretty large kid for 4 years old and I knew I would not have much time to enjoy these mornings.

One morning, I had just turned off the news after watching the pictures of another air raid on Lebanon.  The image in my minds eye was that of a father carrying his dead or dying child through the streets.   My mind began to reflect on how many fathers had carried their children in the past years since 911 because of US, Afghani, Iraqi, or Sudanese’s actions.  They will not have the joy of holding their children again.  They will not see them grow up, learn to love, have friends, have the joy I am having this morning.

I was shaken to my core.  Tears filled my eyes.  How would I feel if this relationship was taken from me?  What would I do to recover from the impact?  How would my life be different?  As these questions buzzed around in my head, I held him close and fought back the tears.

Later that week, I was talking to my wife about the impact of the war.  It was just after watching a UN plane unload food and water from a military transport.  More that 400,000 people are on the move in Lebanon. Overwhelmed, I turned off the TV when the pictures of the war came on.

On another day while walking my dog in the early morning, I was overwhelmed by the question of how many people in the war impacted areas can no longer even contemplate the act of owning a pet much less taking a quiet walk in the morning.  They have had to set aside these notions in forced perpetual consideration of looking for food, water, and shelter – on running to fall out shelters with at 3 minute notice of an random missile attack.

I began by taking an action that anyone can take, Fast and Pray.  My sense is much of what we are struggling with is what to do.  Fasting and Praying is something anyone can do and it is simple.

You may be wondering what I ask God to do for my enemies.  At first I just asked God to heal them from hatred.  Recently I have been asking God to replace the Love of Power with the Power of Love in their lives. You can make your own petitions in prayer for your enemies.